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Primary And Adult Education Initiatives

The Azad India Foundation believes that education is true means of socio-economic and intellectual advancement of the society. Every child deserves primary education and every woman basic education, irrespective of caste, religion or socio-economic background.

Apart from Primary Education in India at Non Formal Centers, Azad India Foundation also facilitates Distance education for school Dropouts in india, Woman and Education in india, Adult Education in india and Child Education in India.


Spreading literacy through non-formal centers

Suman Devi age 25,by profession dhobi (washerwoman) stays in hutments near river Ramzan called Dhobi Patti in Kishanganj Town.Nasima Khatoon age 18,works in tea garden in village ManiramBhitta.Nazneen age 14 do household chores and in free time plays around in village Bhagkharna.Parwati kumari age 34 housewife and mother of 4 young children, village Bharagharia.One thing was common among them, they were all illiterate, unsure of themselves cocooned in their small world.

But that was past. After one year they are as articulate as any urbanite. They have high self-esteem and proud to showoff their new found skills in reading and writing. And the biggest of all freedom from putting thumb impression. Kishanganj district has a dubious record of having lowest literacy level in whole of Bihar. The worst sufferers are the women who due to illiteracy and ignorance face exploitation at all levels.

They are unable to join the mainstream. In such a bleak scenario, we thought that it would be difficult to convince people especially womenfolk to enroll in the literacy centers and convince them to study every day. But we were pleasantly surprised when they jumped at the idea as if they were waiting for the opportunity. Another heartening fact is that their fathers and husbands also encouraged them to study.

The criteria for deciding these villages were non-availability of any formal school in the vicinity or absence of infrastructure in government schools and number of potential beneficiaries. The selection of the teacher was done in consultation with the villagers and subject to the availability of at least one matric /inter pass woman teacher in the village. They even offered their homes as temporary place to run the centers.

Thus the mud houses of Ranu Sinha, Majda Begum, Jahanara and Dilshad Begum were transformed overnight into teaching centers with blackboards, floor mats, books and slates etc provided by the Foundation. In other villages also, people provided free space for running the centers.

The method of teaching is non-formal involving local dialect Surjapuri and in some centers in Bengali to help the women learn effectively .In these centers women are taught to read and write at their own pace. The Foundation has also printed its first booklet in Hindi titled Pahla Kadam for neoliterates. There is no age bar for the students. Even older women attend the classes. Some centers function in the afternoon after women finish their household work and some in the evening when they return from their fields. An attendance register is maintained duly signed by the teacher and project coordinator who regularly visits the centers. Side by side they are given information on health and hygiene and other relevant issues.

The involvement of the community has ensured smooth functioning of these centers and made the teachers accountable to the task they have undertaken. Our main aim is not only to make the women literate in the technical sense of the term but also to help them become conversant with simple math involving transactions, calculations and opening of bank account etc to inculcate confidence in them. The main reason behind the success of project Pahla Kadam is the fighting spirit shown by the village women and their families. Their desire to achieve what may seem trivial to many is really commendable.

Number of Villages: 35

Name of the Villages:

· Bharagariya

· Manirambhitta
· Purendrapur
· Jalalpur Hindu tola
· Jalalpur Muslim tola
· Haldibari
· Aambari
· Simalbari
· Bhagkharna
· Kawabhitta
· Bhogdawar
· Meerbhitta
· Meerbhitta Dakshin tola
· Rasulganj
· Baghrani Mirzapur
· Goaltoli
· Balubari
· Monagachh
· Bankabasti
· Talbasti paharkatta
· Bhansibari
· Mistribasti
· Mirchanibasti
· Jhinakhor
· Sohagi
· Kharna
· Noori basti Pateshri
· Dangibasti Pateshri
· Gedri
· Andabari
· Kasba Kaliya ganj
· Iqra Kumaria
· Monagachh
· Paharkatta Ruhi tola
· Kadamgachhi

Number of Beneficiaries: 929


This project supported by Royal Dutch Embassy New Delhi is providing formal education to 500 children in the age group 6-14 in 5 villages who do not go to any school or are school dropouts through nonformal means. The children are enrolled from the villages. Our target is to encourage girls to join the schools as their education is generally neglected and look down upon.More than 50% of the students are girls who attend the schools regularly.Nonformal education is being provided under National Open School board. The curriculum and books for the course have been prepared on the basis of blueprints provided by NOS and Bihar Government syllabus at par with any formal school. The certificates are given by the NOS which are valid in India. Initially we have introduced classes from one to class three. The books and study materials are provided at nominal cost. The teachers are selected from educated youth of the community to provide employment to local youth especially women. These schools are managed by the local village committees comprising of panchayat members, educated and respected members of the society.

The Target Group:

The beneficiaries would be approx 500 children between 6-14 years. The Intervention Area:

Damalbari,Chattargach,Powakhali,Thakurganj and Pothia

The Objectives to be achieved:

1. The project would help in providing quality education to rural children.

2. The mothers and guardians would be encouraged to join literacy centers run by Azad India Foundation to get functional literacy. This would instill the value of education among people.

3. This project would help in increasing the literacy level of the district.

4. This project would give employment to the rural educated youth especially girls who would work as teachers at the centers.

Donations: You can adopt a child for as small an amount as Rs.500/- and see him/her through a certificate from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).



The project was implemented in villages Damalbari, Chhattergach, Powakhali, Thakurganj and Pothia in Kishanganj district


The main aim of the project was to provide education to rural children in the age group 6-14 in 5 villages who are out of any formal school system or are school dropouts through nonformal means. AIF began with the identification of the children residing in these villages and also nearby areas. Our main target was to encourage more girls to join the NFE schools as their education is generally neglected and look down upon. We followed formal as well as nonformal system of education in all the schools. Children were enrolled in classes one to three. They were given choice to join the formal setup or study according to their convenience in the afternoon. The schools have fixed timings for the formal students and flexible timings for the nonformal students. The teachers ensure at least six hours of study six days a week. Since we have accreditation from National Open Schooling Ministry of HRD, Government of India to conduct examination for class three, class five and class eight levels it helped us in convincing parents to send children to our schools. We followed the curriculum and books prepared on the basis of blueprints provided by NOS and Bihar Govt syllabus. We tried to keep the course at par with any formal school. Our main concern was to develop the capacity of children preparing them for formal schooling in the future. The course was divided into 4 modules. The first three months were devoted to teaching basics in language and mathematics. In the next three months we introduced writing skills and subsequently other subjects like EVS and art of healthy and productive living were introduced. We also tried to identify talent among the children like music, dance and drawing/painting. The books were provided free of cost. The teachers were selected from educated youth of the community to provide employment to local youth especially women. We charged nominal fees from the students to make it self-sustaining in the long run.



Azad India Foundation organized regular trainings and orientations for the teachers by the resource person by Mr.Shamim Akhtar who is TLC trainer.


Kishanganj district has a dubious record of having lowest literacy level in whole of Bihar. The worst sufferers are the women who due to illiteracy and ignorance face exploitation at all levels.Azad India Foundation has set up nonformal centres in target villages where women and girls come for functional literacy classes. The main purpose of setting these centres was to promote education among the guardians of the children. The method of teaching was non-formal involving local dialect Surjapuri and in some centers in Bengali/Hindi to help the women learn effectively .In these centers women were taught to read and write at their own pace. Some centers functioned in the afternoon after women finish their household work and some in the evening when they return from their fields. The involvement of the community ensured smooth functioning of these centers and made the teachers accountable to the task they have undertaken.

RURAL SCHOOLS: Azad India Foundation believes that education is true means of socio-economic and intellectual advancement of the society. Every child at least deserves primary education irrespective of caste, religion or socio-economic background. We enrolled 449 children for OBE Level -A examination. These children were in the age-group 6-14 years. Out of these 236 were boys and 213 were girls. Our sustained efforts have led to about 47% of girls' and 52 % boys' enrollment in the schools. Many young children also attend the school. We conducted the examination in the month of July/August and the result is submitted to National Open School for certificates. The girls did better in the examination as 50.7% passed in first attempt where as 49% boys passed the examination in the first attempt. The students who have failed or partly cleared papers will be motivated to give exam again after six months. Their registration is valid is five years where they can clear papers according to their convenience.

A detailed result of the students as follows:

  • Total number of students enrolled : 449
  • Total number of male students: 236
  • Total number of female students: 213
  • Total number of students passed : 201
  • Total number of female students passed: 102
  • Total number of male students passed : 99
  • Total number of part pass students: 21
  • Total number of failed students :149
  • Total number of absent students: 78

SPECIAL DAY CELEBRATIONS: Azad India Foundation celebrated special days like Republic Day (26th January) and Independence Day (15th August) at all the schools instilling a sense of national pride and teaching children importance of these days. We also organized drawing and sports competitions for the children regularly. The winners were given prizes and certificates. Parents and other important people including PRIs of the villages were included in all the programmes.

COMMUNITY MEETINGS: The project coordinator and field workers of AIF carried out regular meetings with the parents, guardians and important persons of the community from time to time. These meetings are very important for building enabling environment for generating interest in education. It also helped us in the centers where there was high dropout of the girls and reluctance and apathy of the parents towards our project. AIF also organized film shows 'Meena ki Kahani' which deals with issues concerning education for girls and gender issues in the target villages.

VISITORS TO THE RURAL SCHOOLS: Ms Tinku Khanna,Ms Janki and Mr Kalam from Aapne Aap Women International an NGO working in Calcutta and Forbesganj visited Thakurganj and Chattargach rural schools on 23rd December. The children welcomed them with a song and displayed their learning skills. They were impressed with the progress of the children especially the girls. The main objective of their visit was to replicate the same programme in their intervention area. Azad India Foundation hosted Mr Alvise Fabretto a volunteer from Italy. He visited all the rural schools. Sports Day was celebrated at rural school at Pothia on 26th Janaury where 60 children participated from the two villages. They presented a small cultural programme.The winners were given prizes by Mrs Yuman Hussain and Mr Alvise Fabretto. UNESCO and National Open School (Ministry of HRD) conducted survey for the relevance and efficacy of Open Basic Education in 5 NGOs in India. Rural Schools of Azad India Foundation were chosen from Bihar where an independent agency carried out survey and interaction with 100 students in the month of July. The final report is awaited.


The Foundation is providing reading facilities to inculcate and sustain reading habits among the women who are now functionally literate. The first community-based library has been established in the nonformal center of Bharagriya with the aim of providing access to information and books for the target groups. We hope to establish more libraries in other villages.



AIF has introduced three months free basic computer courses to college going girls and boys belonging to weaker sections of the society. The courses covered are Computer fundamentals, MS-Dos, Ms-Word, Spreadsheet, Access, Computer network. The main aim is to make poor students of the district familiar with computer and latest technology. We hope to target and encourage girls so that they get equal opportunities in employment avenues.

Name and Address of the centre

Azad Public School, Line Mohalla, Kishanganj

National Institute of Open Schooling

Azad India Foundation believes that meaningful education should be the basic right of all the children and not the privilege of a few. There are thousands of children especially girls who are involved in child labor and denied even basic education. Girls in many rural areas do an enormous amount of work at home and in the fields. Their activities range from carrying water, collect wood for fuel, cook, clean, wash and take care of siblings.

We have been committed to providing all the children who are unable to join the formal education an alternative way so that they do not remain devoid of their fundamental right of education. National Open School is an endeavor of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for distance education. It operates through a network of educational institutes and agencies all over India for the education of out of school children and youth.

It is providing millions of such children and youth an opportunity to continue their education through open system of learning. Azad India Foundation became OBE centre (open basic education) of National Open School in 2003.For last one year we are providing free education up to class three levels to about 300 children between age-group 6-14 enrolled at our various NFE centers. We have specially prepared books titled Udaan in Hindi for Maths, Social Studies and Science according to the blueprints provided by NOS and Bihar Govt and CBSE syllabus. We hope to conduct class three examinations in coming months. This programme would bring disadvantaged children at par with the formal education system through nonformal education.

Target Group Rural Children, Working children, School dropouts
Name of the villages

· Nankar
· Bharagharia
· Maniram Bhitta
· Dangibasti
· Rasulganj
· Haldibari
· R.N OBE center

Number of Beneficiaries 300

Nonformal Schooling through National Open School in Kishanganj District, Bihar


Kishanganj district is situated in the North-East of the state of Bihar bordering Nepal in the North, West Bengal and Bangladesh in the east. It has 7 blocks, one municipal area, two nagar panchyats and 730 revenue villages. The population of the district is 1296348 with decadal growth rate of 31.7%.More than 40% of the population lives below poverty line.

Status of Education in Kishanganj district

The literacy rate of Kishanganj is 31.09%, which is one of the lowest in India. Female literacy rate is as low as 18.63%, which too is one of the lowest in India. Based on Selected Educational Statistics 2002-03 and latest available information, there are 550 Primary Schools, 96 Middle Schools, 35 Secondary/Intermediate/Higher Secondary Schools, 337 Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) Centres, 154 Alternative and Innovative Education (AIE) Centres and 240 Madarsa in the district. The number of teachers in the Primary Schools is 1038, that in Middle Schools 534, and in Secondary/Intermediate/Higher Secondary Schools 267. The Pupil-Teacher ratio in Primary Schools is 83, whereas it is 76 in Middle Schools. The national norm of having a primary school within 1 KM distance and an upper primary school within 3 KM distance is not being followed in the district. Although Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is operational in since 2002-03, Kishanganj is still facing an unprecedented crisis of having more than 36.57 thousand out of school children.

Nonformal Schooling through NIOS by AIF

Azad India Foundation got affiliated with National Open School for Open Basic Education in 2003. It took almost a year to develop course material based on the guidelines of NIOS and state government text books. With the generous support of Mr Iskandar Laljee Jt.Managing Director of Sud Chemie India Pvt Ltd AIF printed the books. Our main aim is to give at least class- III level of education to those children who have never been to school due to various reasons and then sending them to formal schools. The emphasis is on learning rather clearing the examination. We also decided to make the parents especially mothers functionally literate so that they are able to understand the value of education.

AIF has been following integrated strategy of providing Open basic education with its other projects. With project Sanjivini under Project ARSH (adolescent reproductive and sexual health program) supported by NFI we enrolled 181 children (10-14) 115 girls and 66 boys from 15 villages in 2004. Out of these 112 students appeared for Level A with 69 girls and 43 boys.50 children including 28 girls and 22 boys passed the examination in the first attempt. Since we had trained the health animators to work as teachers and this was our first attempt the response from the community was not very encouraging.

In 2005 we got project from Royal Dutch Embassy for educating rural children under NIOS. We established five rural study centres at villages Damalbari, Powakhali, Pothia, Thakurganj and Chattargach with 449 children enrolled out of which 236 were boys and 213 girls. Girls' enrolment was 47% compared to 52% boys. Under teachers'guidence 201 children passed the Level A with 102 girls and 99 boys.21 children passed in more than 2 subjects. Girls pass percentage was 50.7% and boys 49%.After the completion of project two rural centres are running with community support where children have started preparing for Level B.

In 2006 under Asian Development Bank's small grant program AIF started Project Pahla Kadam in 13 villages where 359 children have been enrolled in Level A. There are 207 girls and 152 boys who are preparing for their examination to be held in March 2007. For Project Sanjivini IInd phase we will be enrolling girls and boys in the age-group of 10-14 from 30 villages .Madarasas are important learning institutions in Muslim dominated villages. Our strategy is to include them also within the ambit of NIOS so that young children can get Islamic as well as modern education.

Difficulties faced

  • Competent teachers who can teach as district is educationally very backward.
  • Socio-religious barriers where education is not a priority.
  • Poverty as children are forced to work in fields and tea-gardens to add to family income.
  • Linking children to formal schools as there are hardly any government schools with teachers and proper infrastructure.
  • Girls are married at early age so they are forced to drop-out.
  • Community support minimal so once the project is over very difficult to sustain from Foundation's resources.

Achievement of Program

  • Girls' enrolment and pass percentage has improved over two years.
  • Community members are realizing the need to educate their children.
  • Those closed communities like Irani community of Kishanganj who do not allow their girls to study have started sending their daughters to OBE centre of AIF.At present 22 girls are preparing for Level A.
  • Provided employment to educated youth from the villages.
  • Many NIOS students have joined formal government and private local schools. Some of them have also joined Azad Public School run by Azad India Foundation.

  • Women Empowerment Programmes

    Women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the Indian society. Due to lack of specific implementation of plans, local communities especially women have remained outside the scope and benefits of government schemes and programmes.

    Women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. There is a need to address the issue by raising the status of women. The key lies in women empowerment through economic self-sufficiency and higher awareness levels on social, political and legal issues through mobilization. There is also a need to recognize and emphasize the diverse roles of women such as reproductive, productive and community management. Women should be organized and strengthened at the grass root level to end their subordination. Azad India Foundation is making an attempt in that direction to make rural women self sufficient through various skill training programmes.

    Skill training programme for Women

    The main aim of this programme is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. The Foundation also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient .The women need vocational training or skills also to uplift their status. They should be able to stand on their feet and provide for their families.

    The discussions with women revealed that they are also interested in learning some skill to supplement their household income. They showed interest in learning stitching and tailoring. Foundation opened six vocational training centers on experimental basis. In a very short duration of six months most of the women have become proficient in basic cutting and stitching. The credit goes to the students and the teachers who again from the community are taking tremendous interest and teaching with their full dedication. After successful completion of the course, they will be encouraged to get bank loans to start their own business. AIF has given sewing machines to 2 women from its own resources to start small tailoring unit.

    Number of Villages 4

    Name of the Villages

    · Bharagariya
    · Maniram Bhitta
    · Line Mohalla
    · Rasulganj

    Number of Beneficiaries 125

    Employment to Rural Women

    Azad India Foundation has provided employment to the 35 rural women who work as literacy teachers and health animators in non-formal centers. This has led to enhance confidence level among them.

    Promotion of entrepreneurship among women

    The Foundation has provided two non-formal centers of Bharagariya and Maniram Bhitta with plastic chairs and tables to be rented out in the marriages and village functions to bring out the entrepreneurship among women. These women keep the account and share the money among themselves.

    Formation of Self-Help groups

    Micro finance is recognized as a key strategy for addressing issues of poverty alleviation and women's empowerment. Access to financial services and the subsequent transfer of financial resources to poor women enable them to become economic agents of change. Women become economically self-reliant, contribute directly to the well-being of their families, play a more active role in decision-making, and are able to confront systemic gender inequalities.

    In this regard Foundation facilitated the concept of SHGs among community women to encourage them to participate in their development and work towards day-to-day problems through small savings. It was a major step to realize economic freedom. 10 SHGs are successfully functioning in the various villages. The meetings for the formation of new groups and follow-up with the existing groups are a regular feature of the programme. These SHGs have given the members a sense of identity and a common platform to discuss their grievances.

    The matters of common interest have instilled a sense of unity. The funds created by their own savings helps them meet urgent monetary needs without depending on their men folk or moneylenders. Recently AIF organized weeklong training to 50 women of three Self Help groups of Mirbhitta Uttartola and Mirbhitta Dakshintola in Powakhali Panchayat. Resource persons sent by Khadi and Village Commission, Patna conducted it in three trades of candle making, agarbatti making and detergent making. This was a unique experience for the women as it was for the first time this type of training was conducted in such remote villages.

    Most of the women had come out of their homes for the first time at the local Madarsa building where it was being conducted. Infact most of them had never spoken in front of the outsiders before. However their confidence was highly inspiring. They all decided to work together to fully utilize this training. We were happy to see that even the men folk, especially their husbands and guardians fully supported them and pledged to help them in setting up small units.

    Number of Self-Help groups 10

    Number of Beneficiaries 150

    Community Health Initiatives

    Good health is a first step towards happy fulfilling life. In the villages, health is still relatively neglected issue due to various factors. The vast segments of the rural population do not have access to proper nutrition or medical and dental care. They do not get even the rudimentary education in achieving and maintaining good health. The lack of health education and proper medical facilities has compounded this problem to epidemic proportions.

    Women health is a crucial component of general health. There is a need to empower the community especially women to take responsibility for their health. The Foundation have made health care one of the prime functions through various interventions. We educate people about general health practices and healthy eating habits with emphasis on children and expectant mothers. Our fieldworkers organize awareness programmes on various diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, polio etc in various villages. They also carry out community meetings about benefits of immunization, breast-feeding etc from time to time.

    Our trained local natak mandli hold plays on health issues in all the haats and panchayats. The emphasis on hygiene is the key to eradicating a majority of the health problems. Our workers conduct awareness meetings on clean drinking water and clean surroundings. They also educate people in methods of disease prevention.

    HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes

    HIV/AIDS is one of the important components of our community health and adolescent reproductive and sexual health programme. We organize seminars and awareness programmes in various villages. One of our intervention strategies of spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS is through the medium of village natak shows to target wider audiences.The main goal is to inform and sensitize people about the dreaded disease.

    Project Sanjivini: Under ARSH (Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health) programme of National Foundation for India, New Delhi

    The well -informed adolescents on sexual and reproductive health issues can play a decisive role in the better adolescent health in the country. Last year Foundation started project titled Project Sanjivini supported by National Foundation of India to educate and provide information to the adolescent rural girls about their reproductive and sexual health.

    This project is being implemented in 15 villages in three blocks of Pothia, Thakurganj and Kishanganj.AIF is focusing on reproductive health and sexual health issues by sensitizing them through group meetings, training programmes and communication programmes like drawing, painting and poster making etc. An important component of the programme is to sensitize the parents and the community members to the needs of adolescents, as they are the ones who make all the decisions.

    Our initiative are also addressing immediate concerns of adolescents i.e. delaying early marriage and pregnancy by taking an integrated approach of providing education and skill training side by side. Our nonformal education centers are the focal points for dissemination of information. We are using local haats for conducing community meetings followed by nukkad nataks in local dialect to target wider audiences.

    Number of villages: 15

    Name of the villages:

    1. Bharagariya
    2. ManiramBhitta
    3. Haldibari
    4. Purendarpur
    5. Jalalpur(Hindu Basti)
    6. Jalalpur (Muslim Basti)
    7. Simaalbari
    8. Aambari
    9. Talbasti Paharkatta

    Rural Employment programme

    To promote self-employment among the unemployed youth of the district, Azad India Foundation provides interest free loans to set up or upgrade small business or to buy rickshaw and other equipments. We have given rickshaw-thelas on interest free loans to unemployed rural youths of the villages Baragariya, Goabari and Manirambhitta of the district.

    One youth was given tables and chairs to start his business of renting for marriage and village functions. In addition, two youths were given loan to and upgrade their shops. Two women were also given sewing machines to start their own work.

    Relief and Disaster Management

    Due to Kishanganj's geographical location (right on the foothills of mighty Himalayas) it is endured with many rivers and perennial rivers, which become flooded during monsoons. Some of the main rivers are Mahananda, Mechi, Donk, Kaul, Nai- Kankai, Bhuri- Kankai, Ratwa and more than two dozen perennial rivers which activate during the monsoon.

    Every year see large-scale devastation in some villages in the district. The rivers cut their banks and in the process wash away scores of villages, cattle and cause destruction of crops. Last year AIF team distributed relief materials in the worst affected villages namely Mirbhitta, Dumaria, Saithabari and Tayabpur. In the post flood period there is always a danger of outbreak of large-scale epidemics.

    The government hospitals in the district are ill equipped to fight the problem. Azad India Foundation sent essential medicines like I.V fluid, I.V sets, ORS and Paracetamol and Metrinizol etc to the District magistrate of Kishanganj to be distributed in the flood-affected areas. This year we gave three boats for Pabna River in village Powakhali, Mahananda River in Kolhabasti and Mechi River in Bholmara benefiting thousands of people. These boats were handed over to C.O of Yhakurganj and Pohtia.

    Community welfare Measures

    To provide the needy people with clean and perennial source of water for drinking we have been running this programme on a regular basis. We try to give hand-pumps in the vicinity of NFE centers, religious place like Mandir and Mosque or educational institutions like schools or madarasas.

    Mahbool Alam is a young school going boy. This boy has to walk 2kms to his school every day and has to walk back every evening. This is a very common thing in his area but for him it is quite an ordeal, as he has polio infected lower limb making it very difficult walking 4kms every day.

    Mrs Amrita & Mr. Iskander A. Lalljee has been very generous by providing a wheel chair for him, making his mobility much easier now.



    An Organization Committed to the Over all Development of Rural India

    Kishanganj district is located in the north-eastern part of Bihar. It shares its borders with West-Bengal on one side and Nepal on the other. It is often described as the corridor between northeast and rest of the country. The population of district according to 2001 census is 12.94 lakhs witnessing tremendous growth rate of 30% in last decade with little development to support the bourgeoning population. About 90% of the population lives in rural areas. The sex-ratio is 940 females per thousand males.


    Most of the villages are scattered over the vast area with distance between two intervention areas being 60-75 kms.Some of the villages are densely populated while others are sparsely populated comprising mainly OBC-Surjapuri Hindus and Muslims. There are few Santhal pockets in between. These villages are relatively peaceful and co-exist together with little evidence of violence based either on religion or on caste. Most of the households are very poor and lead simple life. However being a predominantly Muslim society the people are conservative in their beliefs and ideas.


    Most of the villages do not have pucca roads, as they are located in the interior part of the district. They become inaccessible during monsoons and floods cutting them from rest of the district. The villages do not have primary health services as most of the PHCs are conspicuously absent or dysfunctional. Incase of an emergency people go either to Kishanganj or to Islampur that is 40-50 kms from the state. The literacy rate is lowest with female rate at 18% and 2% in Muslim dominated rural areas. There are primary schools lacking even basic facilities. The girl dropout level is also high here as they are married off at an early age. Most of the high schools are located in Kishanganj and Thakurganj towns. The huge distance from the villages makes it difficult for the girls to continue with their education.


    Agriculture is the main occupation and main source of livelihood in the villages. There are hardly any industries that can provide employment to the people. This area has witnessed large scale migration to cities like Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai. There has been growth of large scale tea cultivation. However it is confined to the marginal and big farmers. The poor landless families work as daily wage workers. Many girls who come to study at NFE centres also work at the tea-gardens. The emergence of brick-klins has also seen people working there during lean period. Many farmers have sold their land-holdings to businessmen from Siliguri etc.


    Political orientation along different political parties is present and it has come out in the open during recent elections. All the villages have prominent local leaders and Maulanas/Maulavis who are respected in the community. We have seen during course of our work that without their support it is not possible to work on sexual and reproductive health issues. Women are not politically much aware and dependent on their husbands and families for decision-making.

    Status of Women:

    The known problems such as prevalence of dowry system, early marriage, polygamy, gender inequality and ignorance among women plague the district. The early age for the females is 15-18 years in rural and urban areas. There is high dependence on husbands for information, knowledge and decisions. The socio-cultural inhibitions have led to low mobility of women. The RCH 98-99 have revealed poor nutrition and health status. About 95.4% children were reported underweight. There is high prevalence of STI/ RTI symptoms among females (35.7% RCH Survey 1998-99).Kishanganj district is ranked 588 out of 590 districts in the country on RCH composite index 1998-99.There is ignorance and indifferent attitude of women towards their own health. The lowest literacy rate among women is also responsible for various myths and misconceptions prevalent about health among them.

    Azad India Foundation

    Beginning with a small group of committed people,Azad India Foundation was formed in the year 1998 attempting to transform its beliefs into reality. It is an organization based in Kishanganj district of Bihar. It got formally registered in 2001.We started our activities with one nonformal education and vocational training center for women in the village Chhattergach.

    In last ten years our activities have broadened in the fields of female literacy,formal education for children,nonformal education,rural employment,income generating skills,SHG formation,community health and awareness programmes on various social issues. The activities reach out to poor and marginalized women,adolescents and disadvantaged and marginalized children from rural and urban areas of Kishanganj district. AIF's journey owes much to the unstinting support of a large number of friends, supporters and well-wishers.


    Our mission is to contribute to the empowerment of the grass root communities for their betterment with active participation of the rural women.

    Aim and Objectives

    The aims and objectives of Azad India Foundation are varied,yet pointed towards the common goal of making a positive difference to the quality of life. Moreover, in this direction we feel the most important are:

    · To work for the eradication of illiteracy and provide quality education to all.
    · To help in improving health care services in the district.
    · To involve the community in sharing the responsibility of improving its health status.
    · To create awareness about the importance of environment and its preservation for good health.
    · To empower women through income generating skills.
    · To promote SHGs for economic independence of the women.
    · To encourage and create awareness among local people preserving their cultural and traditional heritage.

    Azad Public School

    Education Initiatives

    The Azad India Foundation believes that education is true means of socio-economic and intellectual advancement of the society. Every child at least deserves primary education irrespective of caste, religion or socio-economic background.

    We believe that a school

    · Should maintain quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in life itself.
    · Mould the children into responsible citizens of India.
    · Channelize youthful energies towards creativity and self-actualization.

    A- Aim at quality education with commitment
    P- Propagate patriotic, social and ethical values for a responsive citizenship
    S- Sensitize children towards environment and create awareness for a green and a better world.


    Located in Kishanganj town, Azad Public School is a novel educational endeavor that imparts quality education to the children of the district especially to the children from the rural areas that do not have access to proper schools. APS aims at developing full mental and physical potential of each child. It is our commitment to turn out from the portals of APS, well balanced and integrated personalities with right values. It is a unique center of learning where budding minds are nurtured in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. We have encouraged girl children from the poor sections of the society who are most neglected and denied even elementary education to join the school.

    Facilities Provided

    The school has introduced contemporary education and training methods. For this purpose an innovative approach involving a mix of classroom teaching with audio-visual aids along with physical and extra-curricular activities has been introduced. The school provides an exclusive ambience for the all round development of the child's personality including aesthetic and moral values, emotional integration and communication skills.

    Computer Laboratory

    APS has set up a state of the art computer labs with five computers and latest software with Irish Aid. This has helped in giving computer education to the children. APS has introduced computer education right from Class I.


    Today APS can boast of a well-stocked library with wide range of books for the voracious readers.


    The school gives equal importance to studies as well as extra curricular activities. APS encourages its students to take up various sports. The school offers a host of games to cater to the potential of each child.

    APS Staff

    APS staff

    The key to quality education is well qualified, trained and motivated staff. Most of the teachers of the school are from outside who stay together with the children and work for their all round development. Azad India Foundation also provides free ships to poor and needy students studying in the School. We have introduced fee concessions to deserving students by way of subsidized tuition fee for different income groups. There is a special concession for girls in all categories to promote education among them. The school is also encouraging the local children who have dropped out of school to join mainstream education again.

    A Home Away from Home

    APS has its own spacious and well-ventilated building with modern facilities to provide safe and comfortable boarding to the children. Every care is taken to ensure that the boarders lead a regular healthy life. Nutritious, tasty and varied meals are served cooked under hygienic conditions.

    Programme Themes

    Our Integrated community development initiatives address the following areas.

    · Literacy and Education

    · Vocational training for income generation

    · Community Health and Nutrition

    · Awareness Programmes on various issues

    · Promotion and formation of Self -Help groups

    · Promotion of local culture and tradition

    · Preservation of local environment


    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    NGOs in West Bengal

    Ahimsaa Research Foundation
    AHVAN (Karaya Road)
    All Bengal Mass Education and Development Association
    All Bengal Women's Union
    All India Council for Mass Education and Development
    All India Women's Conference
    Ananda Samiti
    Anisha Counselling Centre
    Anisha Counselling Centre
    Ankur Kala
    Antazilla Gram Unnayan Parishad
    Antazilla Gram Unnayan Parishad
    Anugyalaya Darjeeling Diocese Social Service Society
    Ashutosh Institution
    Ashutosh Institution
    Association for Social Health in India, West Bengal
    Association of Voluntary Blood Donors West Bengal
    Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha
    Bangiya Unnayan Parishad
    Bani Mandir
    Barasat Unnayan Prostuti
    Barasat Unnayan Prostuti
    Bengal Service Society
    Bhanderberia Iron Star Club
    Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust
    Bikash Bharati Welfare Society
    Bruksha O Jeevar Bhandhu Parishad (Friends of Trees and Living Beings)
    Bustee Welfare Centre
    Calcutta Foundation
    Calcutta Urban Service
    Care and Counselling Centre
    Cathedral Relief Service
    Centre for Built Environment
    Centre for Care of Torture Victims
    Centre for Communication and Cultural Action
    Centre for Environment and Development
    Centre for Social Studies and Programme Implementation
    Centre for Socio-Economic Reforms and Environmental Conservation
    Centre for total Development
    Chaplin Club
    Chetana Foundation for Social Awareness, Research and Development
    Child In Need Institute
    Children In Pain
    Chitrabani Society
    CINI Chetana Resource Centre
    Comprehensive Area Development Service
    Consumer Unity and Trust Society
    Consumers Action Forum
    Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Calcutta Branch
    Council for Social Development
    Crafts Council of West Bengal
    Dakshin Chandchak Samaj Kalyan Samity
    Darjeeling Diocese
    Desh Bandhu Sangha
    Development Research Communication and Service Centre
    Dhannyasisha Academy of Development Science
    Divya Chaya Trust
    Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee
    Economic Rural Development Society
    Endev- A Society for Environment and Development
    Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection
    Forum of Communities United in Service
    Gana Unnayan Parshad
    Goodwill Services India
    Gram Seva Sangha
    Hizlia Janakalyan Samity
    Hooghly Women Development Forum for Voluntary Action
    Humanity Association
    Ichapur Janakalyan Parshad
    Indian Council of Rehabilitation and Sports for the Disabled
    Indian Institute for Nature & Environment Studies
    Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy
    Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy
    Indian Mime Theatre
    Indian Peoples Welfare Society
    Indian Rural Medical Association
    Indian Science Congress Association
    Institute for Development Education and Action
    Institute for Motivating Self-Employment
    Institute of Psychological and Educational Research
    Institute of Social Work
    Jabala Action Research Organisation
    Jadavpur Women In Need Organisation
    Jana Siksha Prachar Kendra
    Janasiksha Prochar Kendra
    Karma Kutir
    Kerala Catholic Social Service Centre
    Khadi Pratisthan
    Khajurdaha Nabankur United Club
    Kripa Foundation
    Liberal Association for Movement of People
    Lifeline Foundation
    Lighthouse for the Blind
    Loreto Day School- Sealdah
    Lutheran World Service (India)
    Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation & Research Institute for the Handicapped
    Mayurbhanj Joint Citizen Centre
    Milli Mission of Bengal
    My Dear Trees and Wilds
    Naba Nari Pragati Sangha
    Nature Environment and Wildlife Society
    Nehru Children's Museum
    New Alipore Praajak Development Society
    Newalipore Praajak Development Society
    Nimtala Rural Development Project
    Noble Mission of South Calcutta
    Oxfam GB in India
    Palm Avenue Integration Society
    Paribesh Unnayan Parishad
    Patdaha Netaji Sangha
    People United for Better Living in Calcutta
    Peoples Union for Development and Reconstruction
    Pragati Sangha of Dara
    Prantik Jana Vikash Samity
    Prathibondhee Shangha
    Pratibandhi Sahayak Samity
    Prerak - Support for Cancer Fighters
    Primary Children Corps
    PS Diamond Harbour
    Purba - Dwarakapur Sebayan Sangha
    Rajabazar Education & Awareness Development Society
    Rajadighi Community Health Service Society
    Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad
    Right Track
    Rural Health Development Centre
    Sabuj Sangha
    Sahay Welfare Society for Spastics
    Sanchar Arod
    Sane & Enthusiast Volunteers Association of Kolkata
    Sankalpa Trust
    Santi TB Control Society
    Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association
    Sasha Association for Craft Producers
    Save The Environment
    Seva Kendra Siliguri
    Silence Training Institute
    Sir Syed Group Of Schools
    Society for Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action
    Society for Educational and Environmental Development
    Society for Indian Children's Welfare
    Society for Mental Health Care
    Society for Student Empowerment Rights and Vision through Education
    Socio Economic Development Programme
    Socio Legal Aid Research & Training Centre
    Speech & Hearing Institute & Research Centre
    Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha
    State Remote Sensing Centre, West Bengal
    Stree Shakti
    Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, West Bengal Branch
    Swayambhar Nari
    Tafa Palli Milani Sangha
    Tagore Society for Rural Development
    Tajmahal Gram Bikash Kendra
    Tapan Karmodyog Samstha
    The Indian Vegetarian Congress
    The Science Association of Bengal
    The Society For Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services
    The Society for Oral School of the Deaf
    The Wave of Environment
    The Young Explorers Institute for Social Service
    Think Tank for Manpower Development and Consumer Awareness
    Thoughtshop Foundation
    Tiljala Society for Human and Educational Development
    Turning Point
    Vision Welfare Society
    Vivekananda Adibasi Kalyan Samity
    Vivekananda Education Society
    Vivekananda Nidhi
    Voice of People
    West Bengal Council of Women
    West Bengal Gandhi Peace Foundation, Calcutta
    West Bengal Gandhi Peace Foundation, Howrah
    West Bengal Human Rights Commission
    William Carey Study and Research Centre
    Womens Co-ordinating Council
    Womens Friendly Society
    Womens Interlink Foundation
    Womens Sahayog
    World Wide Fund for Nature-India, Calcutta Branch
    Young Men's Welfare Society

    NGOs in Uttaranchal

    NGOs in Uttaranchal

    Gramin Kshetra Vikash Samiti
    Success Academic Club
    The Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation

    NGOs in Uttar Pradesh

    NGOs in Uttar Pradesh

    Abhigyan, Lucknow
    Action for Women & Child Development
    Adarsh Sewa Sansthan
    All India Women's Conference, Uttar Pradesh
    All India Women's Conference, Uttar Pradesh
    Ankur Yuva Chetna Shivir
    Apt Management Services
    Association for Integrated Development
    Bankers Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow
    Bhawani Siksha Prasar Parishad
    Centre for Agro-Eco Research & Extension
    Centre for Awareness and Research on Environment
    Centre for Environment Education Northern Regional Cell, Lucknow
    Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions
    Centre of Yoga and Applied Research in Alternative Medicine
    Christian Hospital, Kasganj
    Dehradun Institute of Technology
    Department of Social Work, Lucknow University
    Dignity Education Vision International
    Diocesan Social Work Society
    Educational Consultants India Limited
    Environmental Research Laboratory
    Exnora Innovators Club,Lucknow
    Experiments in Rural Advancement
    G.B.Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development
    Giri Institute of Development Studies
    Global Synergetic Organisation
    Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group
    Green Age India
    Indian Association of the Handicapped
    Indian Science Communication Society
    Institute for Career-Apex Training Centre
    Institute for Development of Technology Adaptable by Rural Populace
    Institute for Integrated Society Development
    Integrated Management Group
    Integrated Planning Extension Education Communications Agency
    Laxmi Mahila Evam Bal Kalyan Sanstha
    Mahila Kalyan Evam Janam Niyantran Samiti
    Mahila Samakhya-Uttar Pradesh
    Nagrik Kalyan Sewa Samiti
    Nari Sewa Samiti
    National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Lucknow
    National Council of Development Communication
    Network for Information and Computer Technology
    Parvatiya Jan Kalyan Sansthan
    Prerana Population Resource Centre
    Rajyashree Chauhan Foundation
    Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama
    Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra
    Samaj Darshan
    Samaj Sewa Evam Shikshan Sansthan
    Sarvodaya Ashram
    Schumacher Inst.of Appropriate Technology and Rural Dev.
    Sewa Sansthan
    Shiwam Gramodyog Awam Samaj Seva Sansthan
    Shri Guru Dev Uma Shiv Manorama Devi Samaj Seva Sansthan
    Smt Bhudevi Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Shikshan Sansthan
    Society for Environment, Wildlife Action and Awareness
    Society for Himalayan Evangilical Prosperity and Health, Education Rural Development
    Society for Prevention of AIDS and Reinforcing Self-Help
    Society for the Underprivileged
    Solidarity of the Nation Society
    Sparta Institute of Social Studies
    Subhas Children Society
    Suraksha-Anti Dowry Demand Organisation
    Swami Vivekanand Shiksha and Samaj Kalyan Samiti
    The Memorial Hospital
    U.P. Diversified Agriculture Support Project
    U. N. Volunteers/ Inter-regional Vol.Prog. for Artisan Support
    Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Action Network
    Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association
    Varishtha Jan Sewa Mission
    Vega Women's International Network

    NGOs in Tripura

    NGOs in Tripura

    Acharjya Jagadish Chandra Bose Briksha Mitra Sangha
    Association for Social Health in India, Tripura
    Council for Scientific Research and Social Development
    Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication
    Kalyan Samity
    Organisation for Rural Survival
    Pratibandhi Punarvas Samiti
    Social Welfare Organisation
    Tripura Adibashi Mahila Samity
    Tripura Adimjati Sevak Sangh
    Tripura State Council for Child Welfare
    Udaipur Bignan O Sanskriti Mancha
    Voluntary Health Association of Tripura

    NGOs in Tamil Nadu

    NGOs in Tamil Nadu

    Aashraya Andhra Mahila Sabha
    Ability Foundation
    Action Aid India, Chennai
    Action for Child Labour
    Action for Rural and Urban Liftments Charity Trust
    Action in Disabilities India
    Acts of Mercy
    Adayar Exnora Womens Guild
    Tamil Nadu Foundation Inc
    Agency for Comprehensive Health and Development
    AIDS Control and Community Education Programme Trust
    Aikya - School for Children with Special Needs
    Alice Rural Area Computer Education Trust
    All India Dr. Ambedkar Trust
    Alternative for India Development
    Altrusa International Inc. Madras Club
    Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged
    Anbu Karangal Trust
    Annai Educational Society
    Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre - Annai Illam
    Annai Seva Foundation
    Arogya Agam
    Arunodhaya Centre for Street and Working Children
    Asha Nivas Social Service Centre
    ASHA Project Among the Disabled
    Asian Community Health Action Network
    Asian Media Information and Communication Centre of India
    Asian Network for Innovative Training Trust
    Asian Youth Centre
    Association for Development of Repatriates and Rural Poor
    Association for Rural Community Development
    Association for Rural Education and Development Services
    Association for Rural People's Education and Development
    Association for Rural Poor
    Association for Sarva Seva Farms
    Association for Sustainable Community Development
    Avvai Home & Orphanage
    Awareness for Women and Action for Rural Development
    Bala Vidyalaya - The School for Young Deaf
    Bala Vihar
    Balamandir - Kamaraj Trust
    Bharat Sevak Samaj
    Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation
    Blossom Trust
    Blue Cross of India
    Bosco Integrated Computing Services
    Aashraya Andhra Mahila Sabha
    Ability Foundation
    Action Aid India, Chennai
    Action for Child Labour
    Action for Rural and Urban Liftments Charity Trust
    Action in Disabilities India
    Acts of Mercy
    Adayar Exnora Womens Guild
    Tamil Nadu Foundation Inc
    Agency for Comprehensive Health and Dev.
    AIDS Control and Community Edu. Programme Trust
    Aikya - School for Children with Special Needs
    Alice Rural Area Computer Education Trust
    All India Dr. Ambedkar Trust
    Alternative for India Development
    Altrusa International Inc. Madras Club
    Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged
    Anbu Karangal Trust
    Annai Educational Society
    Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre - Annai Illam
    Annai Seva Foundation
    Arogya Agam
    Arunodhaya Centre for Street and Working Children
    Asha Nivas Social Service Centre
    ASHA Project Among the Disabled
    Asian Community Health Action Network
    Asian Media Information and Commn Centre of India
    Asian Network for Innovative Training Trust
    Asian Youth Centre
    Association for Dev. of Repatriates and Rural Poor
    Association for Rural Community Development
    Association for Rural Education and Dev. Services
    Association for Rural People's Education and Dev.
    Association for Rural Poor
    Association for Sarva Seva Farms
    Association for Sustainable Community Development
    Avvai Home & Orphanage
    Awareness for Women and Action for Rural Dev.
    Bala Vidyalaya - The School for Young Deaf
    Bala Vihar
    Balamandir - Kamaraj Trust
    Bharat Sevak Samaj
    Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation
    Blossom Trust
    Blue Cross of India
    Bosco Integrated Computing Services
    Brotherhood Trust
    C S I Puthuir Special School and Vocational Training Centre for Mentally Retarded
    C V G Shelter (Trust)
    C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre
    C.P.Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation
    Canstop - Sundaram Medical Foundation
    Care for the Rural Alienated and Network of Educational Society
    Centre for Action Research and Empowerment
    Centre for Development and Communication
    Centre for Development and Women's Studies
    Centre for Ecology and Research
    Centre for Entrepreneur Development
    Centre for Indian Knowledge System
    Centre for Learning, Organic Ag and Appropriate Tech.
    Centre for Research on New International Economic Order
    Centre for Rural Education and Development
    Centre for Rural Health and Social Education
    Centre for Social Educational and Development
    Centre for Social Initiative & Management
    Centre for Tribals and Rural Development
    Centre for Women's Development and Research
    Chennai Think Tank
    Cheshire Home India
    Child Guidance Clinic
    Child Relief and You
    Child to Child South India Resource Group
    Childline 1098, Chennai
    Christ Faith Home for Children
    Christian Council for Rural Dev. and Research
    Christian Foundation for the Blind India
    Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore
    Christian Mission Charitable Trust
    Church's Auxiliary for Social Action
    Citizen, Consumer and Civic Action Group
    Civic International Social Service Organisation
    Community Health Education Society
    Community Rehabilitation Organisation for Progress
    Comprehensive Medical Services India
    Consumers Association of India
    Consumers Association of India
    Damien Foundation India Trust
    Danish Mission Hospital
    Daya Charitable Trust
    DDM Engineers
    Dean Foundation - Hospice and Palliative Care Centre
    Deepam Educational Society for Health
    Development Action for Women in Need
    Development Asso. for Training & Tech.Appropriation
    Development of Humane Action Foundation
    Development Promotion Group
    Don Bosco Anbu Illam Social Service Society
    Don Bosco Beatitudes Social Welfare Rehabilitation Centre
    Don Bosco Social Service Society
    Ebenezer Home of Social Outreaches
    Ecumenical Missionary Society for Rural Development
    Educational Trust of India
    Emmaus Community Welfare Fund
    First Public Protection Trust
    Foundation for Infrastructure Reconstr. & Employment
    Foundation of Occupational Development
    Gandhi Kasthuri Bai Village Development Society
    Gandhi Peace Foundation, Madras
    Global Green Society
    Gnana Deepam Special School
    Good Feelings
    Good Life Centre
    Good Seed, The
    Good Shepered Convent
    Gospel Orphanage - Children Welfare Home
    Government of Tamilnadu
    Gremaltes Hospital
    Guild of Service
    Health First
    Help Child Charitable Education Trust
    HelpAge India, Chennai
    Hemophilia Society Madras Chapter
    Hind Kushi Nivaran Sangh
    Holistic Approach for People's Empowerment
    Hope Foundation
    Hospitaller Order of St. John of God
    Icelandic Children's Aid Training Centre
    Indian Community Welfare Organisation, Tamil Nadu
    Indian Council for Child Welfare, Tamil Nadu
    Indian Institute for Human Research and Development
    Indian Institute of Community Health
    Indian Red Cross Society
    Indian Rural Development Foundation
    Initiatives: Women in Development
    Institute for Development Exchange
    Institute for Social education and Development
    Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases- A unit of Madras Medical Mission
    Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Special Education
    Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health
    Integrated Rural Community Development Society
    Inter Church Service Association
    Inter Mission Industrial Development Association
    Jeeva Jyothi
    Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre
    Jeevodaya Public Charitable Trust
    Jivana Jyoti- Educational and Dev. Services, India
    Joint Action Council for Women
    Kaakkum Karangal
    Kaingkarya Social Welfare Organisation
    Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital
    Karna Prayag Trust
    Karuna Karya
    Larsen and Toubro Limited
    Leprosy Patients Rehabilitation Guild
    Leverage Trust
    Life Help Centre for the Handicapped
    Light India Trust
    Literates' Welfare Association
    Little Hearts Soc. for the Upliftment of Dep.Community
    M S Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation
    M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai
    Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children
    Madras Christian Council of Social Service
    Madras Craft Foundation
    Madras Crocodile Bank Trust
    Madras Dyslexia Association
    Madras Institute to Habilitate Retarded Afflicted
    Madras Naturalists Society
    Madras School of Social Work
    Madras Social Service Society
    Madras Society for the Protection of Children
    Malaysian Social Services
    Manasa Special School
    Marialaya Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco
    Marialaya Shelter and Rehab. Centre for Street Girls
    Marketing Organisation of Women Entrepreneurs
    Mathru Mandir
    McLevy Institute of Development Services
    Mercy Home
    Micro Credit School of Practitioners Foundation
    Montfort Community Development Society
    Movement for People's Multi Purpose Development
    Mrs S. R. Memorial Social and Charitable Trust
    Multiple Sclerosis of India
    Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India
    Nandini Voice for the Deprived
    Narbhavi Senior Citizens Home
    National Association for the Blind
    National Institute of Education and Communication
    National Mother and Child Welfare Organisation
    National Water harvesters Network TN Unit
    Navadisha Education Trust
    New Hope Area Dev. Program, World Vision of India
    Nivedita Charitable Trust
    Nungambakkam Anbalayam Social Dev. Society
    Opportunity School for the Mentally Retarded
    Palmyrah Workers' Development Society
    Path Way - Centre for Rehabilitaion and Education of the Mentally Retarded
    People's Association for Rural Development
    People's Craft Training Centre
    Peoples Edu. for Action and Comm.Emancipation Trust
    People's Org. for Rural Health Edu. and Economic Dev.
    Positive Women Network of South India
    Prakriti, Tamil Nadu
    Prema Vasam
    Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network
    Rafiki Trust
    Rotary Club of Madras Rehabilitation
    Rural Action for Co-operation and Economic Development Trust
    Rural Development Organisation
    Rural Innovations Network
    Rural Institute for Development Education
    Rural Organisation for Action and Development
    Rural Women and Children Development Society
    S V Home for Aged
    Sadayanodai Ilaignar Narpani Mandram
    Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre
    Sathyalok Charitable Trust
    Save Nilgiris Campaign
    Schizophernia Research Foundation
    Seagull Trust
    Senior Citizen's Home for Women
    Senior Citizen's Resort
    Sense International (India)
    Service and Res. Foundn. of Asia on Family & Culture
    Seva Trust
    Shanthimalai Trust
    Share and Care Children's Welfare Society
    Shri AMM Muruguppa Chettiar Research Centre
    Siva Sakthi Kaakkum Karangal
    Small Scale Entrepreneur and Employment Development Services
    Small Scale Industries
    Social Action for Development of Human Urge
    Social Education for Rural Development
    Social Welfare and Consultancy Services
    Social Welfare Centre for Weaker Sections
    Society for Community Orgn. and Peoples Edu.
    Society for Protection of Unborn Child
    Society for Rural Dev. and Protection of Environment
    Society for Social Education and Development
    Society for the Development of the Depressed
    Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Society of Daughters of Mary Imm. and Collaborators
    South India AIDS Action Program
    Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust
    Sri Sairam Medical & Educational Centre Trust
    Sri Sankara Health Centre
    Sri S.P. Health, Care and Research Centre
    Sri S. P. Institution for Care of the Elderly and Young
    St Louis Institute for Deaf & the Blind
    State Resource Centre
    Stree Seva Mandir
    Swallows in India
    Swami Vivekananda Sevashram
    Swami Vivekananda Social Service Centre
    T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation
    T.D.T.A. St. Luke's Leprosarium
    Tamil Nadu Primary School Improvement Campaign
    Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation
    Tamilnad Network of Positive People
    The Anjuman-E-Himayathe-Islam
    The Ashram : Home for Children in Crisis
    The Banyan
    The Catalyst Trust
    The Chennapuri Annadana Samajam
    The Concert Trust
    The Environmental Society
    The Friend-In-Need Society
    The Karalapakkam Society for Rural and Sust. Dev.
    The Nagercoil Citizen's Welfare Council
    The Sign
    The Spastics Society of India, Chennai
    The Voluntary Health Education and Rural Development Society
    Trust for Restoration of Ecology and Environment
    Trust for Rural Education and Development
    Tulsi Trust
    Udavum Karangal-Centre for Humane Services
    United Nations Children's Fund, Tamil Nadu
    Unwind Center
    Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti
    Vishranthi Charitable Trust
    Village People and Unemployed Progressive Society
    Vishwashanthi Senior Citizen's Home
    Voluntary Co-ordinating Agency for Child Adoption
    Voluntary Health Services
    War Widows Welfare Association
    Weaker Section Development Society
    Women's Organisation for Rural Development
    Working Women's Forum (India)
    Women's Voluntary Service of Tamil Nadu
    Y. R. Gaitonde Centre for Aids research and Education
    Young Women's Christian Association, Tamil Nadu
    Zonta Resource Centre

    NGOs in Sikkim

    NGOs in Sikkim

    Human Development Foundation of Sikkim
    Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee
    Sikkim Science Society
    Sunakhari Club
    Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim

    NGOs in Rajasthan

    NGOs in Rajasthan

    Action for Food Production Field Unit-VII, Rajasthan
    Action Sansthan
    Adarsh Sarswati Mahila Kalyan Prashikshan Samiti
    Anuvrat Vishva Bharati
    Aquaculture Research Centre
    Arid Zone Avian Research Institute
    Ayurved Gramo Udhyog Sodh Sansthan
    Badhir Bal Kalyan Vikas Samiti
    Bal Niketan Gandhi Sewa Sadan
    Bal Rashmi Society
    Bharti Bal Mandir Samiti
    Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society
    Centre for Development Communication - Jaipur
    Centre for Rural Development and Consultants Society
    Consumer Unity and Trust Society
    District Development Society, Ajmer
    Dr. Chandra Mehta Public Charitable Homoeo Ausdhalaya
    Emmanuel Bible Institute
    Environment Society
    Gayatri Shiksha Sadan Sansthan
    Gharib Nawaz Mahila Avam Bal Kalyan Samiti
    Gram Bharati Samiti
    Gram Vikas Samiti
    Gramin Vidyapith Sanstha Nagaur
    Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti
    Gramotthan Vidyapeeth
    Hadoti Hast Shilp Sansthan
    Health and Social Development Research Centre
    Helen Kller Viklang Seva Sansthan, Bhilwara
    Indian Council of Social Welfare, Rajasthan
    Indian Institute for Rural Development
    Indian Society of Health Environment Education and Research
    Institute of Development Studies
    Institute of Sustainable Development Environmental and Scientific Research
    International Social Workers' Society
    Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti
    Jagran Upbhokta Seva Samiti
    Jan Vikas Sansthan
    Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj
    LKC Shri Jagdamba Andh Vidyalaya Samiti
    Lok Seva Sansthan
    Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan
    Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation, Rajasthan
    Mahila Chetna Manch
    Mahila Hast Shilp Samiti
    Manav Kalyan Sansthan
    Manav Seva Sansthan, Rajasthan
    Mewar Vikas Parishad
    Narayan Sewa Sansthan
    Navachar Sansthan
    Nirman Sanstha
    Pali Sewa Mandal
    Paryas Seva Sansthan
    Paryavaran Parishad
    People's Education and Development Organisation
    Prakratik Society
    R R Sikhshan Sansthan
    Radha Bal Mandir Vidhyalay Academy
    Rajasthan Lok Kala Mandal
    Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal
    Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh
    Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Catholic Health Association
    Rajasthan Vigyan Shiksha Parishad
    Rural Development and Youth Training Institute
    Sahyog Sansthan
    Saibaba Medical Research and Training Institute
    Sajeev Seva Samiti
    Sardar Patel Sansthan
    Sarojni Naidu Mahila Vikas Avam Kalyan Sansthan
    Sarthak Manav Kushthashram
    Saur Education and Welfare Academy for the Handicapped
    Seva Mandir
    Sewa Samittee
    Shiksa Avam Jan Kalyan Samiti
    Shree Pinjrapole Goushala
    Shri Chandra Vardaj Smarak Charitable Trust
    Shri Karni Nagar Vikas Samiti
    Society for Development Research and Action
    Society for Education Conscientisation Awareness and Training
    Society for Education, Research and Voluntary Efforts
    Society for Rural Action and Motivation
    Society for Sustainable Development
    Society to Uplift Rural Economy
    State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Jaipur
    Sudhar Sabha
    Suksham Vikas Sansthan
    Tarun Bharat Sangh
    Thar Voluntary Health Society
    The Ajit Foundation
    Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti
    Urmul Rural Health Research and Development Trust
    Urmul Seemant Samity
    Utthan Shoudh Sansthan
    Vagad Jan Jagrati Sansthan
    Vasundhara Gramothan Samiti
    Vigyan Samiti, Udaipur
    Vikas Bal Niketan Society
    Wildlife Conservation Society of India

    NGOs in Punjab

    NGOs in Punjab

    All India Jeev Raksha Bishnoi Sabha
    All India Pingalwara Charitable Society
    All India Women's Conference, Amritsar
    Association for Social Health in India, Punjab
    Charity Medical Trust
    Child Welfare Council, Punjab, Chandigarh
    Dr. D N Kotnis Health & Education Centre
    Indian Cancer Relief Society
    Jalandhar Welfare Society
    Mahila Samaj Kalyan Samiti
    Manav Kalyan Shiksha Kendar
    National Institute for IRD and Transfer of Technology
    Nishkam Sewa Ashram
    Phagwara Environment Association
    Punjab Action Group for Rural Development
    Punjab I.A.S. Officers Wives Association
    Rural Development and Social Welfare Society
    Rural Human Development Centre, Punjab
    Shanti Sarup Memorial Educational Society
    The Institute for Integrated Rural Development and Transfer of Technology, Palahi
    Volunteers for Social Justice

    NGOs in Pondicherry

    NGOs in Pondicherry

    All India Consumer Council
    Centre for Ecology and Rural Development
    Centre for Ecology and Rural Development
    Holistic Approach for People's Empowerment
    Kurumbapet Citizen Council
    Pondicherry Science Forum
    Society for Development Research and Training
    The Mother's Service Society

    NGOs in Orissa

    NGOs in Orissa

    Action for Better Living and Environment
    Action for Social and Human Acme
    Agricultural & Rural Development Consultancy Society
    Alternative for Rural Movement
    Antyodaya Chetana Kendra
    Anu Shanti
    Area Movement for Awareness, Growth, Action and Motivation
    Asha Deep
    Asha Nayakam Seva Sangha
    Associated Social service Agency
    Association for Social Transformation in Human Action
    Avinash Seva Pratisthan
    Banabasi Seva Sansada
    Banadurga Social Welfare Society for Rural Trust
    Banki Anchalika Adivasi Harijan Kalyan Parishad
    Bhagabati Youba Sansada
    Bharat Jyoti
    Bharat Sewa Parishad
    Bhumiputra Club
    Bibekananda Gramya Vikas Kendra
    Brahmagiri Development Forum
    Centre for Action Research and Training
    Centre for Awakening of Rural Environment
    Centre for Community Development
    Centre for Development Research and Training
    Centre for Education & Integrated Development
    Centre for Regional Education Forest and Tourism Dev. Agency
    Centre for Upliftment of Lower Incomers
    Centre for Youth and Social Development
    Centre of Integrated Development and Research
    Citizen's Association for Rural Development
    Committee for Legal Aid to Poor
    Community Action for Rural Development
    Community Development Medicinal Unit
    Council for Awareness and Rural Development
    Council of Professional Social Workers
    Darabar Sahitya Sansad
    Development Agency for Poors and Tribal Awakening
    Dev. Alternatives through Research and Innovative Action
    Dhakotha Jubak Sangha
    Evangelical Hospital Khariar
    Forum for Rural Education & Empw. on Dev. Org. Movement
    Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development of Orissa
    Friend's Organisation for Rural Development
    Friends' Association for Rural Reconstruction, Muniguda, Orissa
    Friends' Association for Rural Reconstruction
    Gajapati Vikas Manch
    Ganeswar Club
    Gania Sishu Raija
    Gania Unnayan Committee
    Golden Club
    Gopabandhu Palli Vikasha Sangh
    Gram Seva Mandal
    Gram Seva Sangathan
    Gram Vikas
    Gram Vikash Sangha
    Gramya Mahila Vikash Samiti
    Human Resource Development Centre
    Ideal Development Agency
    Indian Institute of Youth and Development
    Indian Management of Technical Society
    Indo-National Socio-Economic Foundation
    Institute for Development of Backward Regions
    Institute of Social Action and Research Activities
    Integrated Development Society
    Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India
    Jana Jagaran Kendra
    Jana Kalyan Pratisthan
    Jayanti Pathagar
    Jeevan Rekha Parishad
    Kalinga Gramya Silpa Unnayan Samiti
    Khuntia Institute of Social Sciences
    Kimidi Multi-Sectoral Development Society
    Little Flower Educational Society
    Lok Bikash
    Lok-Kala Bikas Kendra
    Lower Income People's Involvement for Community Action
    Manab Seva Sadan
    Manav Adhikar Seva Samitee
    March of Youth for Health Education and Action for Rural Trust
    Mother Teresa Seva Pratisthan
    Mukti, Orissa
    Nabanirman Samiti
    Nalanda Cultural Centre
    Nari Jagarana Mahila Samiti
    Nari Suraskhya Samiti
    National Building Centre
    National Environment and Education Development
    National Equity Trust
    National Institute for People's Development Investigation and Training
    National Institute of Social Work Investigation and Training
    National Sanitation and Environment Improvement Foundation
    National Youth Service Action and Social Dev. Research Inst.
    New Life Centre
    North Orissa School of Social Work
    Organisation for Social Change and Rural Development
    Orissa Mahila Vikash Samiti
    Orissa Professional Development Service Consultants
    Orissa Social Service Institute
    Orissa Voluntary Health Association
    Pallishree, Bhubaneswar
    Panchasakha Club
    People's Cultural Centre
    People's Cultural Centre
    People's Institute for Participatory Action Research
    Pinghalakhi Public Welfare Organisation
    Pollishree Voluntary Organisation
    Prachi Youth Social Organisation
    Pragati-Social Welfare Voluntary Organisation for Rural Poor
    Pranab-Centre for Integrated Social Development
    PREM - People's Right & Environment Movement
    Purshottam Seva Niketan
    Rajib Gandhi Foundation for Rural Development
    Rural and Urban Socio-Cultural Help
    Rural Community Health Centre
    Rural Development Action Cell
    Rural Development Agency for Backward People
    Rural Development and Social Services
    Rural Education Committee
    Rural Reconstruction Organization
    Rural Welfare Institute
    Rural Women Development Service Centre
    Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan
    Sakuntala Gramodyog and Social Action
    Samagra Bikash Parishad
    Samajik Seva Sadan
    Seba Jagat
    Seva Sangha
    Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre
    Shilpee Shree
    Sisu 'O' Mahila Kalyan Samiti
    Social Aid Improvement and Mass Action
    Social Culture and Research Society
    Social Development Society
    Social Education and Community Health Organisation
    Social Education and Reconstruction of Village Environment
    Social Education for Women's Awareness
    Social Edu. Research & Voluntary Inst. for Comm.Education
    Social Weakers Awareness Dev. and Economic Service Inst.
    Social Welfare Organisation and Research Group
    Society for Awareness Perception and Numerous Alternatives
    Society for Environment and Social Awareness
    Society for Environment Protection and Rural Reorganisation
    Society for Health Education, Agriculture and Voluntary Action
    Society for People's Awareness and Rural Development Action
    Society for Promotion of Rural Technology and Education
    Society for Training, Amelioration and Research
    Socio-Cultural Awareness and Research Centre
    Solidarity for Social Equality
    Sri Jagannath Rural Development Organisation
    Sri Sri Bhairab Mohaprabhu Seva Sangha
    Sundargarh Gramya Unnayan Pratisthan
    The Life Improvement Members Association
    The Orissa Institute of Medical Research and Health Services
    Utkal Sevak Samaj
    Utkal Social Service Association
    Utkalamani Kishorkala Mandir
    Vikas Niketan
    Vikash Bharati
    Viswa Yuva Kendra
    Vivekananda Palli-Agragami Seva Pratisthan
    Voluntary Association for Rural Action and Social Awareness
    Voluntary Organisation for Rural and Social Welfare
    Voluntary Organisation for Rural Improvement
    West Utkal Agricultural Centre
    Women Organisation for Rural Development
    Young Utkal Project

    NGOs in Nagaland

    NGOs in Nagaland

    Agency for Integral Development Action
    Bethesda Youth Welfare Centre
    Blue Blood Clan
    Chizami B.S. Multipurpose Society
    Integrated Rural Development Centre
    M Rhakho Multipurpose Society
    National Ladies Organisation Movement
    North East Development Action and Networking
    Prodigals' Home

    NGOs in Mizoram

    NGOs in Mizoram

    Action for Social Advancement
    Central Young Mizo Association
    Endangered Species Protection Group
    Mizoram Synod Social Front

    NGOs in Meghalaya

    Meghalaya Women's Alliance
    North East India Committee on Relief and Development
    North-East India Drugs and AIDS Care
    Voluntary Health Association of Meghalaya

    NGOs in Maharashtra

    NGOs in Maharashtra

    Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida & Yuvak Sanstha
    Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women
    Abhas Sanskar Kendra
    Abhivyakti Media for Development
    Academy for Mobilising Urban Rural Action through Education
    Academy of Senior Citizens for Research and Education
    Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation
    Action For Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra
    Action for Good Governence and Networking in India
    Action for Self-reliance Hope and Awareness
    Action for the Rights of the Child
    ACT's (Ayodhya) General Hospital
    Acworth Municipal Hospital for Leprosy
    Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management
    Aga Khan Education Service , India
    Akshara - A women's Resource Centre
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Ali Yavar Jung national Institute for the Hearing handicapped
    Amcha Ghar
    Annapurna Mahila Mandal
    Antar Bharati - Aurad Shahjani
    Apang Sahayyakari Sanstha
    Applied Environmental Research Foundation
    Arogya Dakshta Mandal
    Aseema Charitable Trust
    Asha Niketan
    Asha Sadan
    Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment-India
    Association for Social Health in India, Mumbai
    Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra
    Association of Rural People for Health and Educational Needs
    Association of Youth for a Better India
    Avehi Public Charitable Trust
    Avert Society
    Avinash Seva Pratisthan
    BAIF Development Research Foundation
    Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune
    Bapnu Ghar
    Bayaja Trust
    Bharat Vikas Parishad, Pune
    Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, Pune
    Bhumata Charitable Trust
    Blue Cross Society of Pune
    Bodhigram India
    Bombay Leprosy Project
    Bombay Natural History Society
    Bombay Teen Challenge
    Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development
    C.C.Shroff Self Help Centre
    Cancer Patients Aid Association, Mumbai
    Cancer Patients Aid Association, Pune
    Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy
    Centre for Development Research and Documentation
    Centre for Development Studies and Activities
    Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes
    Centre for Environment Education Regional Cell for Central India
    Centre for Gerontology and Elderly Medicine
    Centre for Learning Resources
    Centre for Management of Local Resources
    Centre for Study of Society and Secularism
    Centre for the Study of Social Change
    Centre for Youth Development and Activities
    Chaitanya Gramin Mahila, Bal Yuvak Sanstha
    Chandanshiv Seva Mandal
    Child Relief and You, Mumbai
    Children of the World (India) Trust
    Children Toy Foundation
    Citizen's Council for a Better Tomorrow
    Clean Air Island
    College of Social Work
    Comet Media Foundation
    Commitee for the Advancement of the Status of Blind Women
    Committed Communities Development Trust
    Common Endeavour for Development
    Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme, Mumbai
    Community Aid and Sponsorship Programme, Pune Chapter
    Community Outreach Programme
    Concern India Foundation
    Consumer Guidance Society of India
    Convent of Jesus and Mary Special School
    Cummins Nature Club
    Deep Griha Society
    Department of Medical Social Work
    Development Support Team
    Dignity Foundation
    Dilkhush Special School
    Dilkhush Teaches Training Centre
    Dnyanawriddhi Dwara Desh Vikas
    Door Step School
    Dr. Padki Education Society ( Regd)
    Dr. Ramazini Research Institute of Occupational Health Services
    Drishti Media Collective
    Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation
    Ecological Society
    Enlightened Global Earth Network Orientation
    Environment Education Centre
    Environmental Protection Research Foundation
    Family Planning and Medical Aid Trust
    Family Planning and Medical Aid Trust
    Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped
    Forbes Marshall
    Forum Against Drugs and Aids
    Foundation For Humanization
    Four Eyes Foundation
    Gandhi National Memorial Society
    Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Trust
    Gram Gourav Prathisthan
    Gram Vardhini
    Gramin Sushikshit Bekar Sudhar Sanghatna
    Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sanstha
    Green Earth Foundation for Global Environment
    Hamara Club
    Health Education Labour Peace Opportunity Foundation
    Health Education Library for People
    Helix Aids Foundation and Research Centre
    Help (A Crises Centre)
    Help Age India
    Help for the Children of India
    Hemophilia Society of Maharashtra
    Hirday Mitra Pratishthan
    Human Rights First
    Impact India Foundation
    India Centre for Human Rights and Law
    India Sponsorship Committee
    Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare
    Indian Health Organisation
    Indian Health Organisation, Pune
    Indian Herpetological Society
    Indian Society for Social Action
    Initiatives: Women in Development
    Institute for Exceptional Children
    Institute for Sustainable Development and Research
    Institute of Health Management, Pachod
    Institute of Health Management, Pachod, Aurangabad
    Institute of Integrated Development
    Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture
    Institute of Organic Farming and Rural Technologies
    International Institute for Sustainable Future
    International Leprosy Unit
    International Resources for Fairer Trade
    Investment in Man Trust
    Jagruti Kendra
    Jalna Mission Hospital
    Janee Janardan Seva Samiti
    Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust
    Jidd Special School
    Jnana Prabodhini
    K.E.M. Hospital Research Centre
    Kalpavriksh-Environment Action Group
    Karjat Taluqa Govansh Sudhar Mandal
    Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune
    Kimaya - Architects Urban Designers Conservationists
    Konkan Women Youth & Students Dev.Central Soc.
    Kotwalwadi Trust
    Kripa Foundation
    Krishi Vigyan Kendra
    Kruger Foundation for Child Aid
    Kum. Rajshree Parmar Memorial Foundation
    Kushtarog Niwaran Samity, Shantivan
    Lawyers Collective HIV / AIDS Unit
    Lok Biradari Prakalp
    Lok Seva Sangam
    Lokvikas Samajik Sanstha
    Love Mumbai
    M.B.Barvalia Foundation
    Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti
    Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal
    Maharashtra Shikshan Sanstha
    Maharashtra Social Housing and Action League
    Maharashtra State Women's Council
    Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Sanstha Chawarda
    Mahila Dakshata Samiti
    Make a Wish Foundation of India
    Marathi Mission Nagpada Neighbourhood House
    Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat
    Media Matters- A Centre for Dev. Support Comm.
    Melghat Development Society
    Men Against Violence and Abuse
    Mobile Creches - Mumbai
    Mobile Creches - Pune
    Modern Educational Social and Cultural Organisation
    Muktangan Mitra
    Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Mumbai
    Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Pune
    Nagarik Seva Mandal
    Nari Samata Manch
    National Association for the Blind, India
    National Centre for Advocacy Studies
    National Domestic Workers Movement
    National Institute for Sustainable Development
    National Kidney Foundation (India)
    National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
    National Society for Clean Cities-India
    National Society for Equal Oportunities for the Handicapped, India
    Natural Health Centre
    Navnirman samaj Vikas Kendra
    Network Of Women
    Nirmala Niketan Institute
    Nurture- The Craft Shop that Cares
    Paraplegic Foundation
    Parisar Asha
    Passages Association for Guidance, Education & Support
    People's Action for Development
    Planning Rural-Urban Integrated Dev. through Education
    Pragati Foundation, Pune
    Pragati Pratishthan
    Pragatik Vidhyarthi Sangh
    Pratham Education Initiative
    Prem Sagar
    Prerana Pratisthan
    Prerana, Mumbai
    Prism Foundation
    Progressive Research Aids
    Project Mainstream
    Prompt Care International Foundation
    Protein Foods and Nutrition Dev. Association of India
    Public Interest Lobby India
    Research Centre for Women's Studies
    Resource and Support Centre for Development
    Resource and Support Centre for Development, Pune
    Rotary Club of Pune Kothrud
    Rural Communes
    S.P.J. Sadhana School for the Devel.Handicapped
    Sadhana Village
    Safer/Solar Power Utilisation Resource
    Sakhya Womens Guidance Cell
    Samajsevak Rugnaseva Aadharbhut Sanghatan Abhirakshak
    Savali Ass. for Mentally Ret.& Cereb. Palsy Children
    Save Bombay Committee
    Save Pune Citizens' Committee
    Save the Children
    Save The Children Canada India Field Office
    Science Centre
    Seva Dhan
    Seva Sadan Society
    Sevadham Trust
    Shelter Associates
    Shishu-Adhar-'for the Child'
    Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation
    Shram Seva Nyas
    Shree Gajanan Trust
    Shri Sant Yadavbaba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
    Slum Rehabilitation Society
    Smt. Kamla Mehta Dadar School for the Blind
    SNDT Women's University
    Social Service League
    Society for Human and Environment Development
    Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies, Pune
    Society for the Education of the Crippled
    Society for the Rehabilitation of Crippled Children
    Society Undertaking Poor People's Onus for Rehabilitation
    Socio - Economic Development Trust
    Socio Economic Development Corporation
    Somta Bal Ashram Trust
    St. Catherine's Home
    Stree Aadhar Kendra
    Stree Mukti Sanghatana
    Streevani Women's Research Project
    Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan
    Swayamsiddha-Women's Organisation
    Taluka Rahata
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences
    Technology Transfer Association
    The Akanksha Foundation
    The Bombay Community Public Trust
    The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    The Central Society for the Education of the Deaf
    The Eduljee Framjee Allbless Leprosy Home
    The Eternal Hope Charity Mission
    The Family Welfare Agency
    The Foundation for Research in Community Health
    The Helen Keller Institute for Deaf and Deafblind
    The Hindu Women's Welfare Society Shraddhanand Mahilashram
    The Humsafar Trust
    The Indian Council for Mental Health
    The Indian Council for Mental Health (Hygiene)
    The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Pune Chapter
    The Maharashtra Dyslexia Association
    The Muncherjee Nowrojee Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind
    The NAB Workshop for the Blind
    The Poona Blind Men's Association
    The Prem Foundation'
    The Research Society for the Care Treatment and Training of Children in Need
    The Rural Centre for Educational Studies and Development Programmes
    The Salvation Army India Western Territory
    The Samaritans
    The Shirpur Vishwa Mandal Sevashram
    The Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals
    Uttar Maharashtra Lok-Vikas Manch
    V Care Foundation
    Vanarai Trust
    Vanasthali Rural Development Centre
    Vanchit Vikas
    Vandana Public Welfare Foundation
    Venu Madhuri
    Verala Development Society
    Vikas Adhyayan Kendra
    Vikas Yuva Sanstha
    Vile Parle(East)
    Vivekananda Pratisthan
    Watershed Organisation Trust
    Women's India Trust
    Word Vision of India
    Women's Studies Centre
    World Vision of India
    World Wide Fund for Nature-India, Pune Chapter
    Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration
    Yerala Projects Society
    Yogdan Swayam Sevi Sanstha
    Young Men's Christian Association, Pune
    Young Womens Christian Association of Pune