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NGOs in Delhi | Delhi NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) | List of NGOs in Delhi

A Ideal Childrens Care Organistion - New Delhi
A Moment To Reconstruct Youth - New Delhi

Aadhaar - New Delhi

Aakaash Bharti Society - Delhi

Aalari Society - New Delhi

Aarohan - Delhi

Ab Lincon Educational And Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

Abvsps - Delhi

Action For Food Production - New Delhi

Adamya Association - New Delhi

Adharrsheela - New Delhi

Adhikar Dot Com - Delhi

Adhikar - New Delhi

Afpro - New Delhi

Ahsda - Delhi

Ahwaan Foundation - New Delhi

Aim - Delhi

Aimass - New Delhi

Akhil Bhartiya Arise Foundation - New Delhi

Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Jagriti Sansthan - Delhi

Akhil Bhartiya Yuva Sangh - Delhi

Akhil Bhartiye Nav Prayas Sanstha - New Delhi

Akhil Bhartya Vedic Shkshan Avam Pershikshan Sansthan - New Delhi

All India Association For Sc St And Physically Handicapped - New Delhi

All India Computer And Technical Education - New Delhi

All India Hope Line Welfare Charitable Youth Society - New Delhi

All India Human Rights Association - Delhi

All India Islahe Anjuman Siddiqui - Delhi

All India Mateshwari Sadbhawna Educational Vocational And Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

All India Millat Vikas Samiti Seemapuri - New Delhi

All India Parivartan Sewa Samiti - Delhi

All India Peoples Action Front - Delhi

All India Society Of Education - Delhi

All India Youth Forest And Women Welfare Samiti - New Delhi

Amanuday - Delhi

Ambition Human Development - New Delhi

Amnesty International India - New Delhi

An Association For Awareness - New Delhi

Anand Community Development Society - New Delhi

Anant Path - Delhi

Anchal Research And Rehabilitation Centre - Delhi

Antar Vivek Jagriti Mission - New Delhi

Anti Dowry - Dehli

Anubhuti Foundation - New Delhi

Anugragh Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Archisa - New Delhi

Archisa The Ray Of Light - New Delhi

Arpeeta - Delhi

Aruna Memorial Foundation - Delhi

Asha Deep Foundation - Delhi
Ashirwad Foundation - New Delhi

Asian Heritage Foundation - New Delhi

Association Of Disabled For Development - Delhi

Association Of Revival Tabernacle - Delhi

Association Of Scientific Research And Development - Delhi

Assunnah Islamic Society - New Delhi

Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation - New Delhi

Ayurvet Research Foundation - Delhi

Babu Nath Memorial Health And Vocational Training Society - Delhi

Bachpan Bachao Andolan - New Delhi

Badrinarayan Lal Educational And Social Development Society - New Delhi

Bal Jagruti Association - New Delhi

Bal Jyoti Manch - New Delhi

Bhartiya Yuva Chalchitra Sansthan - Delhi

Binty - New Delhi

Bluewaves Welfare Society - Delhi

Business And Community Foundation - New Delhi

Butterflies - New Delhi

Byword Editorial Consultants - New Delhi

Cabinet Secretariat - New Delhi

Care India - New Delhi

Carenidhi - New Delhi

Caritas India - New Delhi

Cave - New Delhi

Centre For Agriculture And Rural Development - New Delhi

Centre For Development Of Instructional Technology - New Delhi

Centre For Education And Communication - New Delhi

Centre For Human Rights Initiative Training And Research Association - New Delhi

Centre For Integrated Development - New Delhi

Centre For Law And Environment - New Delhi

Centre For Media Studies - New Delhi

Centre For Research In Rural And Industrial Development - New Delhi

Centre For Research On Environment Ecology And Developement - New Delhi

Centre For Research Planning And Action - New Delhi

Centre For Science And Environment - New Delhi

Centre For Social Communication And Change - New Delhi

Centre For Social Research - New Delhi

Centre For Sustainable Environment And Heritage - New Delhi

Centre For Womens Development Studies - New Delhi

Centre Of Indian Trade Unions - New Delhi

Charitable Education Abd Information Technology Development - New Delhi

Charities Aid Foundation India - New Delhi

Charity Alliance - New Delhi

Chetanalaya - New Delhi

Child And Human Association For New Development - Delhi

Child Care And Development Foundation - New Delhi

Child Labour Action Network - New Delhi

Child Survival India - New Delhi

Chitra - New Delhi

Christian Childrens Fund - New Delhi
Christian Medical Association Of India - New Delhi

Chronic Care Foundation - New Delhi

Circle Of Animal Lovers - New Delhi

Civil Rights Protection Organisation - Delhi

Co Operative For Assistance And Relief Everywhere India - New Delhi

Co Ordination Committee For Welfare Of Leprosy Patients - New Delhi

Communication For Education And Development - New Delhi

Communities And Progress Foundation - New Delhi

Conceptual Resource Junction - Delhi

Concern For Humanity - New Delhi

Concerned Action Now - New Delhi

Council For Advancement Of Peoples Action And Rural Technology - New Delhi

Council For Economic And Social Research - New Delhi

Council For Social Development Delhi - New Delhi

Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research - New Delhi

Crime Reformer Association - Delhi

Cross Christian Charitable Trust - Delhi

Cvishwa Yuvak Kendra - New Delhi

Dakshinayan - New Delhi

Danish Assistance To National Programme For Control Of Blindness - New Delhi

Dastkar - New Delhi

Dayanand Adresh Vedic Educational And Welfare Society - Delhi

Deepalaya - New Delhi

Delegation Of European Commission In India European Union - New Delhi

Delhi Association Of The Deaf - New Delhi

Delhi Brotherhood Society - New Delhi

Delhi Sarvoday Mandal - Delhi

Department For International Development India - New Delhi

Department Of Biotechnology - New Delhi

Department Of Company Affairs - New Delhi

Department Of Education - New Delhi

Department Of Family Welfare - New Delhi

Department Of Indian System Of Medicine And Homoeopathy - New Delhi

Department Of Rural Employment And Poverty Alleviation - New Delhi

Department Of Statistics - New Delhi

Department Of Telecommunications - New Delhi

Department Of Wastelands Development - New Delhi

Development Alternatives - New Delhi

Development For All Through Alternative Vision And Action - New Delhi

Development Research And Action Group - New Delhi

Dhriiti The Courage Within - New Delhi

Digvijayyagya - New Delhi

Directorate General Of Employment And Training - New Delhi

Discipleship Centre - New Delhi

Disha - New Delhi

Divine Rights Foundation - New Delhi

Economic And Marketing Consultants - New Delhi

Education And Economic Development Society - New Delhi

Ek Udaan Building The Society - Delhi

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Of India - New Delhi
Ekta Shiksha Sansthan - Delhi

Elian Centre For Academics Research And Training - Delhi

Emmanuel Hospital Association - New Delhi

Evangelical Fellowship Of India Commission On Relief - New Delhi

Ever Forward Society For Special People - New Delhi

Fair Trade For Um India - New Delhi

Family Planning Association Of India - New Delhi

Family Welfare Foundation Of India - New Delhi

Federation Of Indian Micro And Small And Medium Enterprises - New Delhi

Federation Of Indian Women Entrepreneurs - New Delhi

Fian India - New Delhi

Fight - Dehli

Fight Women Media Forum - Delhi

Food And Agriculture Organisation - New Delhi

Forum For Youth In National Development - New Delhi

Foundation For Research And Development Of Underprivileged Group - New Delhi

Foundation For Responsible Media - New Delhi

Foundation For Rural Recovery And Development - New Delhi

Fountain Of Development Research And Action - Delhi

Fountion Of Development Research And Actiont - New Delhi

Francois Xavier Bagnoud India Society - New Delhi

Friendicoes Seca - New Delhi

Friends Educational And Social Foundation - New Delhi

Friends Of India - New Delhi

Gandhi Peace Foundation Delhi - New Delhi

Gantavaya Sansthan - Delhi

Gayatri Educational Society - Delhi

Gayatri Foundation Welfare Society - New Delhi

Gayatri Prakash - New Delhi

Gene Campaign - New Delhi

German Development Cooperation - New Delhi

Go Rural India - New Delhi

Graminjan Kalyan Sansthan - New Delhi

Great Lord Buddha Educational And Social Welfare Society - Delhi

Green Institute For Research And Development - New Delhi

Green Shield - New Delhi

Green Tourism Promotion - New Delhi

Groupious Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

Grow India - Delhi

Gunjan Foundation - Delhi

Gyan Lakshay - Delhi

Hamara Sankalp - Dehli

Hamara Sankalp - Delhi

Hamara Vikas - New Delhi

Healing Touch - New Delhi

Help Rural India - New Delhi

Hemophilia Society - New Delhi

Himalaya Consortium For Himalaya Conservation - New Delhi

Hind Yugm - New Delhi

Holy Cross Social Service Centre - New Delhi
Hope Again For Lives Lost Already Society - New Delhi

Hope Line Welfare Charitable Youth Society - Delhi

Hope Project Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Housing And Land Rights Network - New Delhi

Human Care Foundation Pudukkottai - New Delhi

Human Development Society - Delhi

Human Health And Development Society - Delhi

Human Help And Care Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Human Resource Advancement Welfare Society - Delhi

Human Resource Development Foundation - New Delhi

Human Rights Group - New Delhi

Human Rights Watch - New Delhi

Human Rights Welfare And Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

Human Settlement Management Institute - New Delhi

Humanity Care First Foundation - New Delhi

Impartial Real Social Faith - New Delhi

Imroz - Delhi

India International Rural Cultural Centre - New Delhi

India Vision Foundation - New Delhi

Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance - New Delhi

Indian Cancer Society - New Delhi

Indian Committee Of Ngos For The United Nations - New Delhi

Indian Committee Of Youth Organisation - New Delhi

Indian Council For Child Welfare Delhi - New Delhi

Indian Council For Research On International Economic Relations - New Delhi

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited - New Delhi

Indian Heritage Society - New Delhi

Indian Institute Of Ecology And Environment - New Delhi

Indian Institute Of Human Right - New Delhi

Indian Institute Of Public Administration - New Delhi

Indian Marketing Association - New Delhi

Indian National Trust For Art And Cultural Heritage - New Delhi

Indian Quality Centre For Trade Promotion - New Delhi

Indian Red Cross Society Delhi - New Delhi

Indian Social Institute Delhi - New Delhi

Indian Social Security - New Delhi

Indian Society For Applied Research And Development - Delhi

Indian Society For Training And Development - New Delhi

Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust - New Delhi

Indo German Social Service Society - New Delhi

Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad - Delhi

Inidan Welfare Society - Delhi

Innocent World Charitable Society - New Delhi

Inseda - New Delhi

Inset - New Delhi

Institute Of Correctional Administration - New Delhi

Institute Of Development Studies - New Delhi

Institute Of Economic Growth - New Delhi

Institute Of Himalayan Environmental Research And Education - New Delhi

Institute Of Marketing And Management - New Delhi
Institute Of Objective Studies - New Delhi

Institute Of Para Medical Technology - Delhi

Institute Of Public Health And Hygiene - New Delhi

Institute Of Social Service - New Delhi

Institute Of Social Studies Trust - New Delhi

Integrated National Development Centre For Advancements Reforms And Education - New Delhi

International Commission On Irrigation And Drainage - New Delhi

International Development Research Centre Saro - New Delhi

International Finance Corporation - New Delhi

International Institute For Non Aligned Studies - New Delhi

International Labour Organisation - New Delhi

International Monetary Fund - New Delhi

International Rural Educational And Cultural Association - New Delhi

International Trade Development Centre - New Delhi

Interserve India - New Delhi

Ishwar - New Delhi

Isiwcd - New Delhi

Itdp - New Delhi

Jagori - New Delhi

Jaishankar Memorial Centre - New Delhi

Jan Jagariti Educational Society - Delhi

Jan Jyoti Foundation - New Delhi

Jan Madhyam - New Delhi

Jan Sewa Ashram - New Delhi

Janshri - Delhi

Jdoda - Delhi

Jeevan Darshan Trust - Delhi

Jeevan Prakash A Charitable Society - Delhi

Jeewan Educational And Development Society - New Delhi

Jigyansu Tribal Research Centre - New Delhi

Jnst - New Delhi

Johns Daycare And Boarding For Senior Citizens Association - New Delhi

Johns Hopkins University Population Communication Services - New Delhi

Joining Hands - New Delhi

Joint Womens Programme - New Delhi

Kalakar Trust - New Delhi

Kalam Bachao Abhiyan Samiti - Delhi

Kali For Women - New Delhi

Kalyan Educational Vocational Avam Social Sanstha - New Delhi

Kapila Socal Justice Education Society - Delhi

Kapur Surya Foundation - New Delhi

Karan Sharma Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

Karmika - New Delhi

Kartavya Janhit Foundation - New Delhi

Katha - New Delhi

Keekaldoobri - New Delhi

Khushhali - Delhi

Kindness To Animals And Respect For Environment - New Delhi

Kriti A Development Praxis And Communication Team - Delhi
Kriti - New Delhi

Lakshya A Relief Org - Delhi

Lakshya A Relief Organization - New Delhi

Lakshya Foundation - New Delhi

Leaders For Tomorrow - Delhi

Leaf Foundation - Delhi

Leaff Society - Delhi

Leprosy Mission India - Delhi

Liberty Institute - New Dehli

Light Life Foundation - Delhi

Lok Kalyan Samiti - Delhi

Lottcarey Baptist Mission Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Love Life Society - Delhi

Maaratni - Delhi

Macare - New Delhi

Magic Lantern Foundation - Delhi

Mahila Haat - New Delhi

Mahila Utthan Samiti - Dehli

Mamta Health Institute For Mother And Child - New Delhi

Manav Jyoti Bandhu Seva Sanstha - New Delhi

Manthan Development Society - New Delhi

Marahatma Jyotiba Rao Phoole Akhil Bhartiya Society - New Delhi

Masoom Angel Social Welfare Society - Delhi

Mass For Awareness - New Delhi

Mata Gayatri Education And Cultural Society - Delhi

Mata Ramwati Devi Education Society - New Delhi

Matri Sudha - New Delhi

Maximising Employment To Serve The Handicapped - New Delhi

Mds - New Delhi

Mdservices - New Delhi

Micro Research And Integrated Development Association - New Delhi

Milaan Be The Change - Delhi

Ministry Of Environment And Forests - New Delhi

Ministry Of Finance - New Delhi

Ministry Of Food And Consumer Affairs - New Delhi

Ministry Of Law And Justice - New Delhi

Ministry Of Water Resources - New Delhi

Mother Teresa Memoreal Trust - New Delhi

Movement And Action For Social Services - New Delhi

Msr Naturopathy And Acupuncture Centre - New Delhi

Multiple Action Research Group - New Delhi

Muneer Social Welfare Society - New Delhi

Muskaan Parents Association For The Welfare Of Children With Mental Handicap - New Delhi

Muskan - Delhi

Muskrahat Jan Kalyan Sanstha - Delhi

Mutual Awakening For Natural And Anthropoligal Sel Well Being Integrity - Delhi

Nada India Foundation - New Delhi

Nai Zindgi Ka Safar - Delhi

Nanaksar Trust - New Delhi
Nascent - Delhi

National Academy Of Agricultural Sciences - New Delhi

National Aids Control Organisation - New Delhi

National Ballet And Academy Trust Of India - New Delhi

National Blind Youth Association - New Delhi

National Centre For Promotion Of Employment For Disabled People - New Delhi

National Commission For Women - New Delhi

National Council Of Applied Economic Research - New Delhi

National Council Of Women In India Delhi - New Delhi

National Council Of Ymcas Of India - New Delhi

National Environmental Science Academy - New Delhi

National Foundation For India - New Delhi

National Informatics Centre - New Delhi

National Network For India - New Delhi

National Social Society - New Dehli

National Society For Irrigation Development And Management - New Delhi

National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha'is Of India - New Delhi

National Youth Project - New Delhi

Natural Resources Development Co Operative Society Ltd - New Delhi

Naujhil Integrated Rural Project For Health And Development - New Delhi

Nav Jagriti Sanchetana - New Delhi

Nav Shri Art And Culture Organisation - Dehli

Naveen Lakshya Social Welfare Association - New Delhi

Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation For Correction Deaddiction And Rehabilitation - New Delhi

Navjyoti Development Society - New Delhi

Navjyoti Education And Health Society - Delhi

Navjyoti India Foundation - Delhi

Nayantara Charitable Society - Delhi

Nectar Foundation Of India - Delhi

Neelkanth Delhi Educational Welfare Society - New Delhi

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Mission - New Delhi

Newstalk Trust - Delhi

Ngo Workers Association - Delhi

Nice Society - New Delhi

Nirantar - New Delhi

Nirmal Sahara - New Delhi

Nirnay - New Delhi

Nival Samuday Kalyan Sangh - New Delhi

Nivesh - New Delhi

Nizamia Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Noble Cause - Delhi

North East Development Foundation - New Delhi

Norwegian Agency For Development Cooperation - New Delhi

Now - New Delhi

Oneness Pentecostal Christian Church Independent - New Delhi

Nrdc - New Delhi

Oneworld South Asia - New Delhi

Open Forum - New Delhi

Organisation For Responsible And Community Based Tourism - New Delhi

Oxfam India Trust - New Delhi - New Delhi
Pahel Educational Health And Social Activities Society - New Delhi

Pairvi - Delhi

Panchvati Foundation - New Delhi

Parivar Kalyan Samiti - New Delhi

Parivar Seva Sanstha - New Delhi

Parivartan Sandesh - Delhi

Participation And Development Centre - New Delhi

Participatory Action For Humanitarian Approach Action And Learning - Dehli

Path - Delhi

Pathfinders Club Of India - New Delhi

Pehlikiran - Delhi

People For Animals - New Delhi

Peoples Initiative For Poverty Alleviation - New Delhi

Peoples Institute For Development And Training - New Delhi

Peoples Union For Civil Liberties - New Delhi

Physical Education Foundation Of India - New Delhi

Plan India - New Delhi

Planet Help Society - New Delhi

Population Council - New Delhi

Population Foundation Of India - New Delhi

Population Services International India - New Delhi

Pragati Pathik - Delhi

Pragtaisheel Yuva Sangh - Delhi

Pragya Network Educational Society Narela - New Delhi

Pragya Prashikshan And Kalyankari Sansthan - Delhi

Prashakti - Delhi

Pratidhi - New Delhi

Pratigya Educational Initiative Society - Delhi

Pravah - New Delhi

Pravasi Sewa Dal Samiti Mahavir Enclave - New Delhi

Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society - New Delhi

Prayatn - New Delhi

Prerana - Delhi

Prerna Social Development And Welfare Society - New Delhi

Press Reporters Empowerment Social Society - New Delhi

Programme For International Training In Health - New Delhi

Progressive Delhi Society - New Delhi

Projectaid Welfare Society - New Delhi

Proth Sahan Team - New Delhi

Public Health Resources Organization - New Delhi

Public Helpless Development Society - New Delhi

Public Interest Legal Support And Research Centre - New Delhi

Public Voice - New Delhi

Punkam Charitable - Dehli

Puspanjali Social Welfair Soceity - Delhi

Raahein Development Society - New Delhi

Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Catholic Health Association - New Delhi

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation - New Delhi

Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan - Delhi

Real Yoga Stream - Delhi
Regenerate India - Delhi

Renee Foundation For Women Empowerment - Delhi

Resource Development Centre - New Delhi

Resource Development Support System Private Limited - New Delhi

Resource Planning And Management Consultants Ltd - New Delhi

Responsenet - New Delhi

Right Vision Foundation - New Delhi

Rnk Trust Mahourli - New Delhi

Roshni Educational And Vocational Trust - New Delhi

Rural Advancement Society - New Delhi

Rural Association For Womens Alligatory Tribute - New Delhi

Rural Education And Welfare Society - New Delhi

Rural House Society - New Delhi

S K Gaur Memorial Old Age Home - Delhi

Saahasee Society For Community Empowerment And Urban Transformation - Delhi

Sahara Bharti Foundation Of - Delhi

Sahara Centre For Residential Care And Rehabilitation - New Delhi

Sahrdc - New Delhi

Sahyog Charitable Trust - New Delhi

Sahyogita Samaj Vikas Sanstha Chatterpur - New Delhi

Sai Prem Children And Old Age Home - Delhi

Sai Swayam Society For The Hearing Impaired - Delhi

Saini Speech And Hearing Clinic - New Delhi

Sainik Foundation - New Delhi

Sakaar Outreach - New Delhi

Sakha Creations - Delhi

Saksham - New Delhi

Sakshi - New Delhi

Samajik Vikas Kalyan Samiti - New Delhi

Samanvay - Delhi

Samarpan Society For Social Services - Dehli

Samarpit Foundation - New Delhi

Sampradaan Indian Centre For Philanthropy - New Delhi

Samuel Foundation Charitable India Trust - New Delhi

Samvedna - New Delhi

Sandarshan - New Delhi

Sangeet Sadhna Sansthan - Dehli

Sanjeevni Parivar - New Delhi

Sansad New - Delhi

Sarc - New Delhi

Sarthak Prayas - Delhi

Sarthi Friends Of Artists In Need - New Delhi

Sarv Samaj Sewa Sanstha - Delhi

Sarvoday Vikas - New Delhi

Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation - New Delhi

Sashakt - Dehli

Satat Basti Vikas Kendra - Delhi

Save Indian Family - Delhi

Sawan Ram Jai Gopal Sanstha - Delhi

School Health Annual Report Program - New Delhi

Socio Economic And Educational Development Society - New Delhi
Solar Energy Society Of India - New Delhi

Sos Childrens Villages Of India - New Delhi

Soul Searchers - New Dehli

South Asia Foundation - New Delhi

South Asian Coalition On Child Servitude - New Delhi

South Asian Fund Raising Group - New Delhi

South Asian Research And Development Initiative - New Delhi

Sparsh Yog India - Delhi

Sri Aurobindo School - Delhi

Srijan Foundation - Delhi

Ssdf - New Delhi

Steer Foundation - New Delhi

Street Children Care India - Delhi

Sulabh International Centre For Action Sociology - New Delhi

Sulabh International Institute Of Health And Hygiene - New Delhi

Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets - New Delhi

Sulabh International Social Service Organisation - New Delhi

Sun Bro Siksha Samiti - New Delhi

Sun - New Delhi

Support Society - New Delhi

Surajya Sewa Nyas - New Delhi

Swaasth Sewa Maitry Charitable Trust - Delhi

Swati - Delhi

Swayam Shakti Foundation - Delhi

Tagore Gramodyog Vikas Samiti - Delhi

Tamana Association - New Delhi

Tamoha - New Delhi

The Asian Development Bank - New Delhi

The Catherine T And John D Mac Arthur Foundation - New Delhi

The Catholic Health Association Of India Delhi - New Delhi

The Centre For Feminist Legal Research - New Delhi

The Child Welfare Society Of India - New Delhi

The Creative Centre For Rural Development - New Delhi

The Energy Resources Institute - New Delhi

The Ford Foundation - New Delhi

The Hydrology Project - New Delhi

The Indian Society For Ecological Economics - Delhi

The Leprosy Mission - New Delhi

The Lime Centre - New Delhi

The New Beginning - New Delhi

The Organisation For Applied Socio Economic Systems - New Delhi

The Peoples Commission On Environment And Development India - New Delhi

The Prabha Institute Of Fine Arts Culture And Crafts For Handicapped And Disabled Persons Newdelhi - New Delhi

The Scouts Guides Organisation - New Delhi

The Setu Foundation - New Delhi

The Society For Upliftment Of Masses - New Delhi

The Spastics Society Of Northern India - New Delhi

The Synodical Board Off Health Services - New Delhi

The World Bank - New Delhi

The World Health Organisation - New Delhi

The Zion Minisrties Trust Of India - Delhi
Tie Society - New Delhi

Touch - New Delhi

Training Organisation For Research And Counselling In Health - New Delhi

Tribal Welfare Society - New Delhi

Turning Point Foundation - Delhi

Udyogini - New Delhi

Umeed Khanna Foundation - New Delhi

Ummeed - Delhi

Unaids - New Delhi

Undp World Bank Water And Sanitation Programme South Asia - New Delhi

United Nations Childrens Fund - New Delhi

United Nations Development Fund For Women - New Delhi

United Nations Development Programme - New Delhi

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation - New Delhi

United Nations World Food Programme - New Delhi

Universal Humanhood Trust Charities - Delhi

Universal Knowledge Trust - New Delhi

Urban Rural Ventures And Initiatives - New Delhi

Usha Mahajan Memorial Social Service Organisation - New Delhi

Utkarsh Welfare Society - Delhi

V S Foundation - Delhi

Vamangini - New Delhi

Vashra - New Delhi

Vatavaran - New Delhi

Vedams Books International - New Delhi

Veena - New Delhi

Venu Eye Institute And Research Centre - New Delhi

Very Special Arts India - New Delhi

Vids - New Delhi

Vidya Integrated Development For Youth And Adults - New Delhi

Vidyarthi Welfare Association - Delhi

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra - New Delhi

Vision For Oasis Waves Society - New Delhi

Vision Foundation For Development Management - New Delhi

Vision In Action Public Charitable Trust - Delhi

Vision International - New Delhi

Vistar Foundation - New Delhi

Voluntary Action Network India - New Delhi

Voluntary Health Association Of India - New Delhi

Voluntary Institution For Social Training And Research - New Delhi

Vridhhi - New Delhi

Water Community - Delhi

Water Community India - New Delhi

We 4 All - New Delhi

We Care - New Delhi

We For You - New Delhi

We The Peopl - New Delhi

Welfare Helpline Society - New Delhi

Wellness World - Delhi

Wildlife Sos - New Delhi

Winrock International India - Delhi
Women And Child Socity For Rural Technology - New Delhi
Women And Child Welfare Foundation - New Dehli
Women Association For Social Protection And Justice - New Delhi
Women Power Connect - New Delhi
Womens Action For Development - New Delhi
Womens Feature Service - New Delhi
World Environment And Naturopathy Foundation - New Delhi
World Vision Of India - Delhi
World Vision Of India Delhi - New Delhi
World Voices India - New Delhi
World Wide Fund For Nature India - Delhi
Young Womens Christian Association - Delhi
Young Womens Christian Association Of India - New Delhi
Youth Development Society - Delhi
Youth For Justice - Delhi
Zannat E Darwaza - New Delhi

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